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Options to Make Holiday Cooking Season Easier

Cooking season is almost upon us; with fall arriving many of us are looking ahead to the holiday dinners and pumpkin spice everything. Cooking appliances have really changed from the basic run of the mill range to all sorts of fancy features. Here are a couple of cooking features that will help you get the job done better and faster than ever.

Convection: Convection is a relatively simple technology but can make a huge difference. Essentially it places a heated fan in the rear of the oven. As you cook the fan moves the heat around the oven ensuring no more cold or hot spots. The even heating is going to mean faster pre-heating, even baking and browning and up to 25% faster cooking times. If you don’t want any more burnt cookies in the back of the oven while the ones in the front of the pan are barely cooked look into convection baking ovens.

Induction: It has been around for years and many places in Europe and around the world. It is the preferred cooking method. It uses magnets to heat your pan, the beauty of induction it can heat up super fast and hold very accurate temperatures throughout. One thing to keep in mind is induction will not work unless you have pans that are magnetic. If a magnet won’t stick to the pan induction will not work.

Meat Probe: This might be your Thanksgiving Day Turkey’s best friend. The meat probe is inserted into your turkey, roast or steak and you program what internal temperature you want it to be and it will automatically let you know when it reaches that temperature. Electrolux took it one step further with a perfect turkey setting to make Thanksgiving dinner that much easier.

Double Oven Range: Cooking for large groups can be very challenging. Having one oven makes it difficult to finish all the baking and broiling that needs to be done. A possible solution is to get another oven. It can be done a couple of different ways:

  1. Convection microwaves can double as an oven you can bake in easily.

  2. More and more companies are giving you options of purchasing a range that has two ovens built in.

  3. You can get a built-in single or double wall oven to really give you the ultimate in cooking versatility and capacity.

You can find unbelievable deals on some of these great options at Affordable Used Appliances for fractions of the normal costs. Stop by today to find what you are looking for.

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