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Tips to Decide if you Need New Appliance Parts or a Replacement

If you own property, you know that a home can cost more than just your mortgage. You have other costs like electricity, water, recycling, maintenance projects, and so much more that randomly come up.

Other than the house itself, one of the most expensive investment in your home are the appliances. Because of the cost, it is important to maintain and clean appliances properly so that you can get the longest lifespan out of it.

A good first step in deciding is to know the average lifespan of common home appliances to see where you are at right now:

  • Washer: 10 years

  • Dryer: 13 years

  • Refrigerator: 13 years

  • Freezers: 11 years

  • Stove or Range: 13 to 15 years

  • Microwaves: 9 years

  • Range Hood: 14 years

  • Garbage disposal: 12 years

  • Air Conditioner: 15 years

  • Water Heater: 10 to 20 years

If you find that your appliances are older or around that age, you might want to analyze the shape that it is in and decide if you need to replace any parts in it to make it last longer or if it is time to buy a different unit.

Please make sure that you are maintaining your current appliances by following a couple of our tips below. Most of these things you want to make sure to do every 6 months or more.

  • Clean the refrigerator coils behind or below your refrigerator and make sure that the door gasket is in good condition and clean.

  • Check and clean out your dishwasher drain and filter located at the bottom of the dishwasher under the bottom rack.

  • Clean grease and plastered on food in the inside of your range and cooktop regularly.

  • Clean lint in the lint trap after every dry, but also clean your dryer vents every 6 months.

  • Check the hot and cold water pipes that go into your washer for any leaks or damages.

  • Make sure your hood or over the range microwave fans work and that the circulation system is clean.

Sometimes parts can be more expensive than a replacement. Here are signs that you might want to consider getting a different unit:

  • Washer: It doesn't spin anymore

  • Dryer: Emitting smoke

  • Dishwasher: If you have major signs of hard water and both or your racks have tons of rust spots

  • Oven: Rust is visible in multiple spots

  • Refrigerator: Compressor is going out

  • Hood or Over the Range Microwave: The fan just makes a noise and there is no air flow

If you do have these issues or other issues, please don't hesitate to ask an expert. Our team can help you walk through solutions and help you decide which one is best for you.

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