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Easy Dryer Hacks

Having issues with your dryer not drying your clothes? Try these hacks to determine what the problem might be.

Start by doing this quick hack to determine if you have a problem with your appliance not creating heat or if you have a ventilation issue.

If you find that you have ventilation issues, make sure to check the following things:

1. Make sure the lint trap is cleaned.

2. Make sure that your dryer vent hose is not bent or damaged.

3. Make sure to clean your dryer vents with a brush and vacuum to clear the path of the air flow.

4. Make sure that the exhaust going outside of your house is clear and not blocked.

If you are having issues with your dryer not creating heat, it could be one of the following problems:

1. The drum has stopped turning and the drum drive belt needs to be replaced.

2. If it overheats you could have a bad motor.

3. The heating element could be burnt out and needs to be replaced.

4. Check the electrical plug as it could be loose or there are issues with the power socket.

5. There could be another mechanical issue or malfunction with the dryer machine.

If you have any question, feel free to give one of our stores a call as we can help figure out what the problem is, suggest parts that need to be replaced, or help you find a dryer that you can replace it with.

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