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6 Washer Myths Busted

We bet you have had your mom tell you a few things about washing your laundry. Some of them are true and some of them are completely false. We are here to help address some of those old wives’ tales so that you can enhance your washing experience.

Shoes can be washed in the washer

True, but before putting your grass stained shoes in the washer, make sure to take out your laces so they do not get tangled up inside. You can put the laces in a washing bag to keep them together. Make sure to take out your insoles and soak them in warm water and baking soda over night. For the outside of your shoes, wipe off extra mud, rocks, or other substances as much as possible. To make cleaning easier, use a brush. Adding a couple of old towels into your load will help balance it out and keep your shoes from hitting the sides of the washer drum. Do not use powdered detergent. Instead, use a liquid detergent that will not get stuck inside of your shoes.

Washers can take out grass stains

Some super detergents can take out grass stains, but we recommend doing a few things before putting them in a normal washing cycle. Get your clothes damp with warm water. Mix dish soap, warm water, and hydrogen peroxide in a bowl. Rub your fabric together a few times with the mixture and then let the fabric soak for 10 minutes. Once this is done, you can rinse out the clothes with warm water and put it through your washer for a normal cycle.

Using more detergent will get my clothes cleaner

False. Using more detergent can actually damage your washer. The residue can build up and cause component failures and leave an odor in your washer. Excess detergent can stay in your fabrics leaving extra redeposit and chemicals. To make it easier to see the fill lines in the measuring lids, take a Sharpie and enhance the lines.

Bleach damages your clothes and washer

True and false. Bleach products will not harm your washing machine or eat your clothing. But not every fabric can handle bleach or keep the same colors and consistency. Check your clothing labels. Most wool, silk, mohair, leather, spandex, and non-colorfast fabrics should not be washed with bleach. Make sure to follow the bleach directions on the bleach bottle and always use the proper amount.

Using hot water is the only way to kill germs and get clean clothes

False. Your disinfectants and detergents are what sanitizes your laundry to make them clean. Using hot water instead of warm or cold does not help clean them better. Save the energy and wash in cold water, you will have the same results.

The sock monster is real!

Many of us may think that there is a sock monster that eats our favorite sock. In reality, the socks are usually misplaced in between taking them off and putting them in the laundry basket. You will probably find that one sock by looking around your room or around your washer and dryer. Still can’t find it? Check the inside of your pant legs. Sometimes they get stuck in there because of static electricity.

We hope that by addressing these myths it will help you with your washing. Have any other myths that you want to understand? Leave them in the comments section.

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