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Should You Fix Your Appliance Yourself?

A common question we hear customers as is "should I fix my own appliance"? It depends on the person and where they are at will their skill levels, what's in their tool bag, and how much time they have.

Here is a great video that talks about deciding between fixing it yourself of calling an appliance repair company.

Reasons why you would want to fix it yourself:

  • You have extra time

  • You have the right tools

  • You want to save money

  • You are handy and like to fix things

  • You like taking things apart and put them back together

  • You get the job done fast

  • You are excited for a fun project and ready to tackle a challenge

Reasons why you would not DIY:

  • You don't have the tools

  • You have no idea where to start

  • You don't know what the issue is

  • You don't have the extra time

  • You don't want to bend down or get dirty

  • You have a tendency to not finish a job

  • You have a tendency to have something break or hurt yourself

So what will you do, fix it or flip it? No matter what you decide, our teams are here to help you find either the right part or the right replacement!

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