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Low-Maintenance Plants You'll Love for Your Home

Enjoy the idea of having a beautifully landscaped garden but don’t have the time or desire to perform the upkeep? Fear not, reluctant gardeners- you can achieve your goal of looking like Mr. and Ms. Greenthumbs without having to hardly lift a finger! Here’s your guide to plants and flowers that are almost ridiculously easy to keep alive.

Yucca- A plant that definitely is more attractive than its name, yucca is particularly popular in the Southwest region of the United States. Since it is indigenous to areas that receive little rainfall, this perennial plant won’t suffer if you’re the type who forgets to water frequently.

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Yarrow- For a little pop of color without all that pesky maintenance that can come with some flowers, you can’t go wrong with yarrow. With two main varieties- Moonshine, which produces pale yellow blooms, and Red Velvet, which grows flowers in a lovely pinkish-red- yarrow is the perfect garden cheat for a homeowner who wants an easy shortcut to an enviable flower patch.

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Lantana- For those of you who live in warmer regions of the country, Lantana is a perennial that can even be put into containers and grown indoors in the winter months! Bonus: butterflies seem to love the blooms of the Lantana, so you can expect colorful visitors flitting around your garden during the spring and summer months.

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Calling all low-maintenance gardeners: do you have any tips for stress-free gardening? Let us know in the comments section.

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