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3 Dryer Steam Cycles You Should Use

Some dryers today have “steam” options on them. The steam options on dryers hook up easily to your existing plumbing making it pretty easy to install and can make your laundry time a whole lot easier and efficient.

For most brands, all you need to do is buy a steam kit with usually includes a tee connector, a short braided water line, and a longer braided water line. The steam kit just hooks into the cold water faucet that your washer uses. Some brands have a water reservoir that you refill before each load.

Here are 3 types of steam cycles that you might want to use:

Steam Dewrinkle: This cycle introduces moisture back into the dryer if clothes are wrinkled coming out of the dryer. This is really nice feature to use if you forgot to get the clothes out of the dryer after the cycle is done.

Steam Refresh: This cycle refreshes clothes. This cycle would used if you wore an article of clothing for short period of time and you don’t want do a full wash and dry cycle on it be your next use.

Steam Sanitize: This cycle is designed to sanitize can’t be washed. It can be used sanitize items like pillows and stuffed animals.

Although all steam dryers won’t necessarily have all 3 of these steam options, many people find having these features come in handy when doing their laundry. Using these options can help you save energy and save money on your electric bill. Doing your own steam cycle can also save people from having to go get their clothes dry-cleaned or having to pull out the old ironing board. Save money and time and use the steam features in your dryer.

What features on your dryer would you want to know more about? Leave it in the comments or call us about it and we can help you figure out what the best type of cycle is for your favorite fabrics and clothes.

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