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3 Ways to Avoid Front-Load Washer Smells

When you hear someone say that they have a front-load washer that has an odor it is usually due to the person doing or doing 1 of these 3 things. Avoid getting the smell in your laundry room and if you are the person who has the stinky smell make sure to wash your washer and then follow these steps going forward.

1. Right Kind of Soap

They are either not using HE certified soap, or they are using too much soap.In a front load high efficiency machine, you should use just over a table spoon of soap. HE or High Efficiency laundry detergent requires less water than standard soap. The HE detergent creates less suds (or soapy/ foamy water) and quickly disappears when using less water. The formula is designed to hold soil in suspension with little water, so it makes your clothes clean.

2. Leave the Door Open

When you are done doing the last load of the day, leave the door open for a few hours.This allows the extra water in the machine to dry. If you do not leave the door open, the water cannot evaporate and can lead to mildew growing in your machine which causes a stinky smell. Also make sure that when a load is done to put the wet clothes into the dryer right away. You do not want the damp clothes sitting in your washer for a long time.

3. Clean Your Washer

Use Affresh washer cleaner to clean your tub once a month. It is super easy, just put one of the tablets in the washer and do one load either on a clean mode or a light load mode. This cleans the tub, pump, and seal.It prevents build up and eliminates the possibility of bacteria and odor in your washer. You can also use the wipes to clean the rubber liner and exterior surfaces.

If you follow these guidelines, you will not have an issue with odor in your front load washer!

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